ABOUT COOLTIQUE – CoolSculpting Las Vegas!

Close to you, yet a world away from the everyday.

Have you heard of Coolscultping in Las Vegas? One might think that convenience, fitness and beauty have always been at 3 opposing ends of the spectrum – yet at Cooltique, they find themselves working in perfect harmony to deliver incredible results.

The fat elimination experience can often seem overwhelming or intimidating – despite the renewed confidence that CoolSculpting can provide when administered by the very best hands. In this pursuit, Dr. Andrea Dempsey embarked on launching Cooltique; bringing her extensive training and passion for patient care to the world of Coolsculpting, and conveniently located just next to Summerlin in Las Vegas.

Our Approach to Your Best Body Ever

Every body is different – and that’s a beautiful thing. Your best body isn’t on the cover of a magazine, or on the shelf of a supplement store – it’s found in the balance of a healthy lifestyle, self-care and feeling your best. Sometimes, a little catalyst is just the thing to make a journey that much more rewarding and enjoyable. That’s precisely what Cooltique offers you – the very best in CoolSculpting for permanent fat elimination; to make your wellness journey so much more impactful and fulfilling.

No matter your personal goals or body type – maintaining your figure, enhancing your existing workout results, or being ahead of the curve in keeping those trouble spots in check– Cooltique can provide an ideal solution to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Live balanced. Love Cooltique.

Empowering Your Confidence, Together.

Just like wellness, body confidence is a journey – and it’s one best made together. Built on a foundation of communication, understanding your unique goals, and the utmost in patient care, Cooltique can be your partner as you look and feel your very best in every season of life.

Speak with us today, or visit our convenient location for yourself and take the first step towards your best body ever, and the confidence you’re waiting to share with the world